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I can tell about myself that I am a charming, attractive and romantic girl. I have got a lot of interests. I play piano; master my skills to play guitar. I am fond of literature, especially the works by Bulgakov. My favourite work of this writer is ďMaster and MargaritaĒ. I am also keen on German mysticism literature. I like such authors as Hoffman and Hans Haynes Evers. I canít imagine my life without music; I listen to Russian rock music. I go in for sports. I visit gym, go in for shaping. I usually do jogging in the morning.

All contact information of the girl(s) you are interested in - do you want to write her a letter, send an e-mail or maybe call her? Let her know that she is very special lady for you! We offer e-mail addresses, phone numbers and postal addresses! In every girls profile we marked the kind of contact information we have for them.
Few things you should remember before contacting the girls:

  • It is not true that first introduction letter should be short and consist only of minimum most important biographical information. Remember that beautiful lady will get several letters and you should do your best to write the most interesting, warm and inspiring introduction letter. To make lady feel special, beautiful and desired requires writing a very personal letter full of your undoubted interest in her, warm words and compliments. Tell her as much as you can to make her feel one and only. Sincerity and romantic sentences are very appreciated and will make you irresistible for her. Try to realize that you are not applying for a job but writing to your potential sole mate and may be love of your life. Another very important thing is to enclose good photograph of yourself. We suggest you to take photograph in professional photo studio, preferably in suit and with warm attractive smile. As much as you can add to envelope is always good. Postcards of your country and city, drawings, photo of your house.
  • For better chance on getting reply and have it faster we recommend that you do send return envelope and IRC's (International Reply Coupons, available from your post office, she can then exchange them for stamps). It is hardly affordable for most of Russian women to pay for international postal service.
  • If you send you letter by e-mail, please do not make it too heavy (not more than 100K with photos). Russian internet is very slow and not cheap so make your letter easy to get and read.
  • If you make first contact by phone we suggest to ask ladies permission first to phone her. If you phone to a lady who speaks only some or poor English it is better to write her letter first or use a translator during the phone call.

Greetings! I am Kristina. I love the sun and the sea. I like dancing and live music. I enjoy communicating with people and have many friends.

Read a personal letter of the girl. Get to know her interests and hobbies, become her friend and soul mate. While small summaries from the profile pages can give you general impression about the ladies, their full letters can give you maximum available information on our site about their personalities. What can be more serious proof that these girls are real than their original hand-written letters? more ...

Hello! My name is Elvira. I like to take part in different conferences, seminars and contests. I have attended courses for psychologists and also music school.

Russian translation of your letter to the girl. She will really appreciate this. It will make her more interested in you as she will see you are trying your best to attract her attention. !!This year special offer!! You first letter to the girl will be translated for free!!! Send your letter for translation here and include your order number. Letter will be translated during one working day and translation will be sent back to you as soon as it's ready.

Hello! My name is Alexandra. Iím a merry and kind person. I like to socialize with people. I have traditional Christian and family values. I appreciate common understanding, respect, honest and trust in the relations.

Shorten the period of delivery of your letter - usually a snail letter from America reaches the center of Russia -- Krasnoyarsk -- in 14 to 18 days. From Krasnoyarsk, it usually takes 21 - 28 days to reach the United States. With us you can shorten the period of delivery to less than 1 week. Is your girl from Ukraine or Belarus? If so, you can send your letter for e-mail forwarding here and include your order number. Is she from Russia? Our partners in Krasnoyarsk will deliver your message to her.

Good day, I am Eugenia! I am nice and communicative, and easy to be with. I want to find someone tall, attractive and single. May be we can become friends and meet each other some day!

Membership plans - you can get far better value for the money with one of our membership plans. All memberships include:

  • Extra photos of all the ladies. Many ladies have sent us several photos, some as many as 10, we will show you all the photos they have sent us, uncropped (usually we crop our main photos to save bandwidth).
  • Letters of all the ladies. Many letters are hand written, some in English and others in Russian. All hand written letters are shown in original handwriting. Russian letters are translated into English and the original letter is shows as well.
  • Date the ladies were added to our site. This information is very useful because the ladies that have just started out are more willing and excited about meeting a man from another country.
  • All profile information is shown on one page. You don't have to change pages to see each different photo, together with their full letter, the photos of each girl, are all on one page so can easily compare and see all information at a glance.
Non members see this - Click for sample. Members see this - Click for sample.
Hello! I do not want to write fairy-tales here - I just want to say that I WANT TO BE A HAPPY WOMAN and I promise to make my partner the same. I want you to be honest and romantic. I believe in eternal love.

Advertise yourself to the Ladies! If you are looking for a girl and have some special requirements, or if you are just too busy to write letters and would prefer to have the girl make the first contact then a personal listing is an excellent way to go.
It works like this. You send us your information, include a photo (preferably color for best results), tell us about yourself and something about the girls you would like to meet. This can be emailed to us or you can use regular mail. The photo can be sent as an email attachment. Once a month we send out your letter and photo to 1,000 NEW ladies. If you wish, we can even advertise you in Russian and Ukrainian newspapers (this is even more effective than direct mail). Click here for more information.

Greetings dear friend! My name is Oksana. As every young girl I have many sweet dreams, but the biggest desire for me is to find the person who is able to win my heart and will make me the happiest girl in the world!

Surprise her with a romantic bouquet of roses, chocolates and a valentine card! Prove her that you have serious intentions towards her. Tell her what you have to offer and how much love and affection are in your heart. Be original and interesting to attract her attention because ladies also have a choice. Send her a gift!

Hello! I am very sociable person. I like communicating with interesting people. I want to find my soul mate, my missing half. I want to find you and make you happy, fulfill you with sincere sweet love, warmth, and care and to built our new happy harmonious life togetherÖ

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Hello! My name is Julia. Iím a very sociable, joyful, romantic and at the same time serious person. Iím fond of a jokes and enjoy laugh. I like children, animals. I have many friends and like to spend good time with them. But this is not enough. I need a close person with whom I want to share my life with, be together in any situation. I always hope for the best. Iím waiting that time when Iíll become the second half to that special man.

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